sonnenBatterie Smart Storage


Why A Battery?

Battery Solutions are the next final piece to your Renewable Energy Solution. They store power for at night, and also in emergencies. When the power goes out, have piece of mind with a battery solution


Benefits that Extend Beyond Emergencies

If your utilities rate structure is based of PEAK RATES, then a battery solution may actually help speed up the ROI on your solar system. Ask us to do a cost analysis on what the Smart Storgage Solution could earn you back from your utility. 


“Such a Safe Feeling” with sonnenBatterie


When the grid went out in McCall, Idaho, Jean Odmark was the only person in her neighborhood whose power stayed on thanks to her sonnenBatterie and her solar system.
“I was terried last winter when the power was going out for days and I needed something that would keep my house powered during winter snowstorms, I found it in my sonnen. It was such a safe feeling.”