Solar Referral Program

Love Your Solar? Share the Savings!


Once you've seen your system in action, it's time to spread the good word. Don't keep it all to yourself!

Refer Friends & Family. Save the 🌎!


Help friends and family by seeing if they might qualify for solar. There's no limit to the number of referrals you can make. So get out your notepad and start thinking.

Receive $500 for you and them!


All Referrals get our friends and family discount of $500 and you get $500 in cash! Doesn't get better then that!

 We reward you with a check after the installation is complete!

REfer a Friend!

Have someone who you think could benefit and would be interested in solar? Let us know! You earn $500 and they saved thousands on their utility bill. This is what we call a Win/Win! We'll reach out to them and see if they are a good candidate for solar!

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We'll take good care of your friends and family

All referrals get a friends and family discount with SCREC. It equals $500 just like you received. If they make the switch to renewable energy, then we will notify you and so you and your referral can celebrate you solar savings together!

 Please give your referrals a call and let them know we will be reaching out to them in the very near future.

Thank you so much for helping spread the Solar good word, and doing your part to save our beautiful planet! 🌎

Sincerely, The SCREC Family